COW'S MILK - A2 - PASTEURISED (Organic Acres)

Rs. 90
Pieces: 500 ML
Quality Assured
    About the product

    Our Cow's Milk is from our own Certified Organic farm in Rajasthan. Our free-range cows are milked daily to bring you the freshest, purest, creamiest whole milk possible. Our Cow’s are free range, and have special dedicated fields where they graze on a range of grasses and herbs grown especially for them. Our cows are treated well with daily massages and rubdowns, and we only milk them after their babies have had their fill.

    We charge a refundable-deposit of Rs. 20 for each 500 ML bottle and Rs. 30 for each 1 LT bottle (500 ml milk bottle price is Rs. 80 and price of 1 lt. milk bottle is Rs. 150.)