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Weight: 500 ML
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    About the product
    • Adya Organics Coconut Oil is a natural & cold pressed oil that can become your holy grail for a healthy body and mind. This virgin coconut oil is extracted using the cold-pressed method that retains all the essential nutrients that might be lost due to the heating extraction method.
    • The organic coconut oil is extracted from Copra oil and packed in a glass jar. Its quality remains the same throughout the jar. Coconut Oil-Cold Pressed is a perfect moisturiser during winters and gets easily absorbed into your skin.
    • It can also be used for taking care of your hair blues, making it the best hair oil for every hair type. It helps to reduce hair breakage, moisturise the hair, helps lessen dandruff and reduce irritation or inflammation in the scalp due to scratching.
    • 100% organic virgin cold pressed multipurpose coconut oil coconut oil for skincare, haircare and fit for cooking and oral consumption. It helps in stimulating the metabolism. It is rich in antioxidants and natural saturated fat and can help improve the heart health by increasing good cholesterol in your body. It can be also used for oil pulling as a dental hygiene practice.
    • 100% Preservative Free coconut oil. It helps to improve the moisture content of the skin and helps with skin irritations. It further improves skin barrier function and prevents skin allergies. It also helps to reduce scars and marks from acne and other injuries.