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    What are organic and natural products?

    • Grown and produced without the use of noxious synthetic agro-chemicals, growth hormones, sewage sludge, and ionising radiation

    • Kept free from such contamination at every stage

    • Grown and produced by methodologies that apply a holistic approach based on ecological and social sustainability and responsibility

    • Truly sustainable - for those that consume them as well as those that grow or produce them

    • Any products labelled "Organic" by The Altitude Store is certified organic by independent

    Why go organic/natural?

    • To reduce the intake of synthetic chemicals, including poisons used in the synthetic pesticides herbicides with the purpose of killing pests and weeds.
    • To reduce the contamination of the lands on which our food is grown, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. 
    • To promote biodiversity by supporting farms that are safe havens and thriving habitats for animals, birds, and insects
    • To support low income farming households sustain themselves and build a better life for their families
    • Some research suggest that organic food is more nutritious and even tastes better!